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Grain Cargoes


Mineral Cargoes


Dry Bulk Cargoes


Part Cargoes


Bagged Cargoes


Timber Cargoes



20/35,000 dwt


36/49,000 dwt


50/66,000 dwt


65/82,500 dwt


Post Panamax/Mini Cape
87/120,000 dwt


120/200,000 dwt


Very Large Ore Carrier
(Valemax or Chinamax)
220/400,000 dwt

Voyage Charter


Contract of Affreightment


Time Charter





We base on all BIMCO & ASBA charter parties forms

Solutions to hire reliable & secure Bulk Carrier Vessels 

Ensure cargo lifting within the laycan/dates agreed.

Procure reliable vessel fleet availability for multiple & complex dry bulk maritime transportation requirements.

Charter Party (C/P) types and strategy

Charter Party (C/P) negotiations, preparation & administration

Amicable & effective dispute resolutions


As a Shipbroker and Vessel Operator with more than 150 voyages with zero “0” arbitrations, provide plan operations details without demurrages & cargo differences.

Real-time actions to fix any deviation in the load/disch operations that can generate demurrages or conflicts.

Assistance in Troubleshooting of dry bulk commodities supply chain. 

Provide on-time, Safe & Reliable Bulk Carriers, as per the loading program to ensure efficient maritime transportation for the transportation of dry bulk commodities program.

Assistance to Achieve Corporate Goals.


Assistance to Fix  Current Problems.


Feasibility for Major Maritime Transportation Projects.


Demurrage Settlement, payment, and Collection.


Negotiation  & Administration Charter Parties


Assistance as Sales and Purchasing Agents for Dry Bulk Commodities.

Alfa Maritima International

30 Years of Experience Shipping Dry Bulk Commodities

Since 1990


Alfa Maritima International is a certified Shipbroker expert in Chartered Vessels Operations for Management of Supply Chains of Dry Bulk Commodities.

We are located in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.



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