Bulk Carriers

Reliable ubication of Dry Bulk Carriers, strategically located throughout the world, which allows maritime transportations, adjusting to the goals and delivery times required.


About 20/35,000 dwt, four holds/hatches or five holds/hatches

Geared with 25-35 ton cranes


About 36/49,000 dwt, five holds/hatches. Geared with 25-35 ton cranes


About 50/66,000 dwt, geared with 25-40 ton cranes which are usually fitted with own grabs


About 65/82,500 dwt, seven holds/hatches

Usually gearless (although some 65/68,000 dwt vessels have gear – some of these falls into the Ultramax category above)

Post Panamax/Mini Cape

About 87/120,000 dwt, seven holds/hatches. Gearless


About 120/200,000 dwt, nine holds/hatches. Gearless

Very large Ore Carrier, also Valemax, Chinamax

About 220/400,000 dwt, nine holds/hatches. Gearless


Alfa Maritima International

30 Years of Experience Shipping Dry Bulk Commodities

Since 1990


Alfa Maritima International is a certified Shipbroker expert in Chartered Vessels Operations for Management of Supply Chains of Dry Bulk Commodities.

We are located in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.



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