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Tomas Ignacio Polanco.

Legal Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Directors.

Cemex de Venezuela. 1994 – 2008. 14 Years

Caracas. Venezuela

Alfa Marítima International, a long commercial relationship, demonstrating reliability and security in its operations, in the supply of Vessels to Cemex, for the transportation of bulk Clinker and Cement to the Caribbean, to Brazil as well as Iron Ore cabotage between Venezuelan ports, also Alfa Maritima International for several years, on several occasions leased our Vessel “MV Vencemos V” to carry out bulk Bauxite trips.

Alfa Marítima International complies with maritime transportation charter parties, contracts, and provides excellent service.

Luis Antonio Urdaneta is an expert in the international shipping of dry bulk cargo, he is a good administrator, a very decent and hardworking.


Eduardo Contreras.

Raw Material & Auxiliary Products Corporate Manager

Empresas Polar. 1970 – 2000. 30 Years

Caracas / Venezuela

Alfa Maritima International, Inc. Experts dexterity and experience Grain Maritime Transportation. Excellent relationship with committed world-class shipowners.  I had the opportunity to work with them managing dry bulk transportation of malted barley for Cerveceria Polar, Venezuela, from Europe. I would like to recommend Alfa Maritima for the excellent service given to their client’s creating an ambient of reliability and security during the performance of their duties.

Eng. Angel Baricelli U.

Ferro Aluminio C.A., from 1992 to 2010. 18 Years.

Vice President of Operations.

Caracas / Venezuela.

I would like to share the following statement.

Evaluation of the Alfa Maritima Company and Luis Antonio Urdaneta Eraso.

Alfa Maritima is a reliable and professional company in the supply service of bulk carriers, maritime transport, and coordination of the entire supply chain related to maritime transport.

  • Alfa Maritima started its operations with Ferro Aluminio in 1993. For reasons beyond the control of Ferro Aluminio, the company was left without bauxite, one of the main raw materials in the production line. Alfa Maritima located in record time a bulk carrier vessel and carried out all the corresponding logistical arrangements to achieve the success of the bauxite shipment, thus in record time, two weeks, the aforementioned raw material arrived at the company’s yards, to continue operations at the factory.
  • Between 1993 and 2005, when the exchange control began in Venezuela, bauxite imports were paralyzed. Alfa Marítima demonstrated reliability and security in the bauxite maritime transport operations, always complying with the arrival of ships at the port of loading, within the agreed laycan.

  • Alfa Maritima and Luis Antonio Urdaneta, as coordinator of the Bauxite supply chain, from the supplier Bauxite Mines of Guyana to the factory in Venezuela, always demonstrated excellent coordination, with each of the links in the supply chain, ensuring that the bauxite flow efficiently from the mines in Guyana to the yards of the Ferro Aluminio factory in Venezuela. The losses and delays were always minimal. Likewise, Alfa Marítima and its suppliers always complied with environmental laws, with almost zero pollution, and cleanliness of the unloading docks.

  • Alfa Marítima, helped to break paradigms in the company, significantly increasing the quantities of bauxite per shipment, which allowed it to achieve economies of scale, increasing the competitiveness of the company both in Venezuela and in its exports.

  • For all the above facts, I recommend the services of Alfa Maritima and Luis Urdaneta, as excellent, their know-how, which is and will be a strategic value for any industrial company whose product, commodity, requires the use of maritime transport, bulk carriers, in conjunction with good logistics to ensure efficient operations.

If you need any other information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Angel Baricelli

Eng. Marcos Tulio Cabrera

Petroquímica de Venezuela, S.A. (PEQUIVEN) 1987 – 2003. 16 Years.

Fertilizer International Trading & Planning Manager

Caracas, Venezuela

During the commercial strategy consolidation stage of the Fertilizers Business Unit by Petroquimica de Venezuela S.A. (PEQUIVEN), a subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA), both for fertilizer exports to the Latin American market as a leading producer (by changing the FOB to CIF sales modality) and in key raw material imports (by changing the CIF to FOB purchasing modality), under the leadership of Luis Antonio Urdaneta Eraso as Managing Director, Alfa Marítima Internacional Inc. provided fundamental support with top professionalism and knowledge while offering timely and quality shipping and chartering services, helping PEQUIVEN to increase net-backs and revenues of said commodities by getting greater control and efficiency of commercial operations, all of what was highly valued and recognized while I was in charge of the International Trade Management.

Eng. MBA Marcos Tulio Cabrera C.

Eng. Rodasman Barrrera

Caribbean Navigation Co. (Maritime Transportation Shipping).

General Director of (TRANSMAR)

1997 – 2006. 9 Years


A quien pueda interesar

Conozco Luis Urdaneta Eraso y Alfa Marítima International desde 2001 hasta 2007, quienes arrendaron diferentes buques a la Empresa de Navegación Caribe, para el transporte y distribución de cemento ensacado sobre paletas a diversas Islas del Caribe.

Luis Urdaneta Eraso y Alfa Maritima International, excelentes fletadores y clientes, quienes siempre cumplieron fielmente lo establecido en los contratos de fletamento, charter parties, efectuando siempre a tiempo, los pagos de los hire/fletes correspondientes.

Recomiendo ampliamente a ambos.


Nathalie Bonilla

As Executive Assistance of

Alfa Maritima C.A. 1996 – 1999. 3 Years.

Caracas – Venezuela.

Como Asistente Ejecutiva de Servicios Técnicos Alfa Marítima, dando apoyo administrativo en la oficina Alfa Marítima ALMAR en Caracas-Venezuela, desde 1996 a 1999, tuve la oportunidad de formar, parte del equipo humano de ALMAR. Una experiencia, enriquecedora, dónde la ética, disciplina, responsabilidad, compromiso y los valores humanos, marcaron la pauta.

Luis Urdaneta Eraso, hombre de singular empuje, de constancia, como pocas personas en el mundo, siempre ha ejercido un liderazgo en medio de la alegría y el optimismo, ante las dificultades y retos, con justicia, en la resolución de diversos casos, lo cual ha permitido a ALMAR, mantener su esencia, por más de 30 años, como Shipbrokers Marítimo Internacional, de primera, en calidad de servicio y fiel cumplimiento, de los convenios, tanto personales para con sus trabajadores, como para con clientes y aliados comerciales. ALMAR, inicia ahora, una nueva etapa, como Alfa Marítima International en USA, bajo su misma, directiva, para ellos, deseo el mayor de los éxitos. Me siento orgullosa de haber pertenecido a esta empresa y poder dar esta recomendación.

Alfa Maritima International

30 Years of Experience Shipping Dry Bulk Commodities

Alfa Maritima International is a certified Shipbroker expert in Chartered Vessels Operations for Management of Supply Chains of Dry Bulk Commodities.

We are located in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Since 1990.



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