Alfa Maritima International is an expert Shipbroker in Dry Bulk shipping and management of supply chains of commodities, located in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, with proven experience of 30 years.

We provide maritime transportation to our customers, suppliers, and commercial allies under high reliability and safety operational and quality standards.

Our activities are based on human values and commercial principles to ensure the best results.

We love to offer custom-made services.

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Our Specialization

Global Shipbrokers and Chartered Vessels Operations for Dry Bulk Transportation. 

Dry Bulk Shipping.
Shipbrokers & Chartered Vessels Operations for Bulk Carriers.
Supply Chain linked with Dry Bulk Maritime Transportation.
Supply Chain Management & Inventories Control.
Bulk Carriers Chartering.
Charter Party Negotiations.
New Markets development for Dry Bulk Commodities.
Demurrage collections & settlements.

What Our Customers Say

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Alfa Marítima International, accomplished reliability and security in its operations".
Tomas Ignacio Polanco
Legal Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Directors

Cemex de Venezuela
Alfa Maritima Inter Experts dexterity and experience Grain Maritime Transportation."
Eduardo Contreras
Raw Material Corporate Manager

Empresas Polar
Alfa Maritima always reliable in coordinating the supply chain to import bauxite from the mines up to the production warehouse".
Eng. Angel Baricelli U.
Vice President of Operations

Ferro Aluminio C.A.
Alfa Marítima Internacional provided fundamental support with top professionalism."
Eng. Marcos Tulio Cabrera
Fertilizer International Trading & Planning Manager

Petroquimica de Venezuela S.A.
"Luis Urdaneta and Alfa Maritima International, excellent charterers and clients."
Eng. Radosman Barrrera

Caribbean Navigation Co. &
Maritime Transportation Shipping
I have observed faithful compliance with the agreements, both for its workers and for clients. "
Nathalie Bonilla
As Executive Assistance

Alfa Maritima International

Our Philosophy and Culture


Provide efficiency to the Supply Chains linked to the Dry Bulk Maritime Transportation, assuming, all the time, the goals of our customers and allies.


To be recognized for reliability, high quality, and excellence in the Global Logistics for Dry Bulk Maritime Transportation.



A person without ethics, in the long run, their results will be equal to zero. (0).


We treat others in the same way we want to be treated.


We adapt and give solutions to unexpected changes.


With 30 years attached to human values.


Always positive for any challenge.


We seek the development of long-term relationships and mutual trust.

Social Responsibility

Local communities are aided in the countries in which operations are carried out.

Environmental Responsibility

As far as possible, the impact of our operations on the environment is zero (0).


We always comply with the agreement, either in contracts or in daily operations.


Passion to serve our allies, suppliers, and customers.


Always determined to find solutions to problems and achieve goals.

We take care for long term relationships with the Human Teams Partners inside Alfa Maritima International, with our Commercial Allies, Suppliers, and our Customers.

Alfa Maritima International

30 Years of Experience Shipping Dry Bulk Commodities

Alfa Maritima International is a certified Shipbroker expert in Chartered Vessels Operations for Management of Supply Chains of Dry Bulk Commodities.

We are located in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Since 1990.


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Alfa Maritima International, is certified Shipbroker, expert in Chartered Vessels Operations for Management of Supply Chains of Dry Bulk Commodities. Located in Cleveland, Ohio. We develop overseas market opportunities. 30 Years’ Experience.

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